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2012-01-29 11:05 pm

lol intro post

Yo, Anyone in this Dreamwidth Place? Hope I ain't too late to this party.
Anyways, greets my fellow Fillies and colts, How you Doin'? The names virtuousMobster, and I intend to get as much of my time being here golden. My current fandoms are Kingdom Hearts, American Mcgee's Alice, and Homestuck. I might make a fanfic of one of those three fandoms, but I might not. Depends on my mood, you know?
I also like to draw a lot. See that avatar up there? I drew that. Fuckin' masterpiece, isn't it? Yeah...
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, introductions and all that shit.
If you want to contact me outside of this jive site, you can find me here:
My Chumhandle on Pesterlog: virtuousMobster (iи шhich i spэдk шith д vэяч thick дccэиt, comядdэ lul)

So Yeah. That's it folks.
Good morning, Good Afternoon, and good frickin' night.